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Protector Ⅰ - MR9405

Protector Ⅰ - MR9405

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Protector is a new backpack line that features a secure TSA lock with a sleek design. It is even more suitable for those who live in rainy climates due to its considerable raincoat design. Travel free even during the rainy season. With the nature of the weather feasibility, it features SBS metal anti-corrosive that will ensure its metal part always look shiny. Even though the bag looks minimalistic, it has a multi-layered space that’s suitable to carry your personal daily needs.

Other function includes a detachable compartment that can be used to store gadgets and your pen. Don’t worry about the materials, this backpack is made with breathable mesh and comfortable padded ensuring your comfort. There’s also a water bottle on the side and USB charging compartment like any other Mark Ryden smart backpack. This backpack is worth every of your investment. And finally, you can travel free even while it is raining thanks to the new built-in raincoat.


  • Item Type: Mark Ryden USB Charging Anti Theft Laptop Backpack
  • Model Number: MR9405
  • Main Material: Oxford Water Repellent 
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Backpack Type: Softback
  • Capacity: 25L
  • Special Feature: Deployable Rain Cloak
  • Closure Type: SBS Zippers
  • Weight: 1.1kg or 2.4lbs
  • Fits: 15.6" Laptop & 9.7" Tablet
  • Size: H17.7" x W11.8" x T5.9"


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