Why Customize The Bag

Showcasing A Merchant's Brand

Mark Ryden not only customizes logos and products, but can provide free images and videos to help your online and offline store grow!


Company Gifts For Employees

In order to build the corporate culture, customized logo as the best gift from the company to the employees. Retaining employees and at the same time making the brand displayed on the move, everywhere.


Customized Patterns For Individuals

Customized exclusive personalized bag for your lover, friend and partner!


Our Cases

Customization Process

  • ① AI source files or HD PSD/PDF files provided after payment

  • ⑤ Mass production after acceptance

  • ⑤ Quality International Logistics Transportation

  • ⑥ Complete a contract

Team Strength

Large-scale Plants

15 years factory experience.We make products with heart.We are fully equipped and capable of
completing every production process


Complete Design And Operations Team

We have a professional team and equipment to provide you with free product images & videos!


R&D Strength

  • Brainstorming after market research

  • Sketch design and finalization

  • Determine the style

  • Matching hardware & fabrics

Production Strength

  • Typesetting

  • Cutting material

  • Pressing & cutting

  • Bedding

Quality Control

  • Wear test

  • Tensile test

  • Zipper test

  • Shock test

Quality International Logistics

We have quality sea, air and land transportation to solve transportation problems!

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