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Urbanite's Essential - The City-Friendly, Ergonomic, and Compact Sling Bag

Urbanite's Essential - The City-Friendly, Ergonomic, and Compact Sling Bag

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Experience the urban jungle with style, functionality, and comfort with our "City Backpack". Designed specifically for "City Dwellers", this "Ergonomic Sling Bag" reflects the modern city living philosophy.

Beautifully compact and lightweight, this "Lightweight City Bag" ensures you're never weighed down in your daily adventures. Its sleek form is perfect for over-the-shoulder carrying, making it a fitting companion for bustling city streets or serene park paths.

Equipped with a protected tablet pocket, it is the ideal "Bag with Tablet Pocket", safeguarding your precious devices while you traverse the concrete wilderness. Hosting a USB charging system, this "Backpack with USB Charging System" has you covered for those long subway rides or bicycle cruises.

Swathed in water repellent fabric, this "Water Repellent City Bag" keeps your belongings dry in unexpected showers, helping you face the unpredictability of city weather.

So, whether you are commuting, exploring, or simply just on-the-go, thrive in urban landscapes with the "Urban Bag for Subway and Biking". Navigate the city confidently, knowing that you have everything you need for a day out in the urban jungle, right on your shoulder.


  • Item Type: Mark Ryden USB Charging Modern Sling Bag
  • Main Material: Oxford
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Bag Type: Softback
  • Fits: 9.7"inch Tablet
  • Size: H11.8" x W7.9" x T3.9"
  • Model Number: MR7191
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