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MarkRyden MR9299 Product Description

Expandos: Versatile Expandable Laptop Backpack For All-day Traveling

From $82.99
The Expandos - MR9299 by Mark Ryden is a versatile, expandable laptop backpack. It has three compartments, one for a 17-inch laptop and an 11-inch tablet. Crafted from Oxford material...
MarkRyden MR9031Y VIEW

Compacto Pro: Futuristic Design Simple Large Capacity Daily Backpack

From $84.99
The Compacto Pro-MR9031 by Mark Ryden, a slim yet spacious laptop backpack designed for city travelers, students, and daily commuters. The interior has a padded laptop compartment, space for a...
MarkRyden MR9008 Product Description

Profession: Futuristic Design Minimalist and Lightweight Backpack

From $84.99
The Profession - MR9008 by Mark Ryden is a futuristic lightweight backpack. Made from water-resistant Oxford fabric with EVA coating, it includes separate dry and wet compartments, a 15.6-inch laptop compartment,...
MarkRyden MR8057 Product Description

Pathrato: Multi-layered Compartments With Minimalistic Design Backpacks

The Pathrato - MR8057 by Mark Ryden is a premium 17.3-inch laptop backpack that offers 22 liters of space, which can be expanded to 37 liters. The backpack includes an external USB charger...
MarkRyden MR9116 Products Introduction

ODYSSEY: Business Micro & USB Charging Laptop Backpack with Anti-theft TSA Lock

  Feature Specification Model Number MR9116 Brand Mark Ryden Dimensions 46 x 28 x 16 cm Weight 1.1 kg Fabric Oxford/Amli fabric, water-resistant Laptop and iPad Compartment Dedicated compartments for...
MarkRyden MR9808 Product Description

Transforma: Expandable Transformable High-Quality Oxford Waterproof Backpack with USB Charging Capability

The Transforma - MR9808 by Mark Ryden is an expandable transformable waterproof backpack with USB Charging Capability made with high-quality Oxford material. Furthermore, it features a USB charging capability, allowing...
MarkRyden MR9191DY introduce

CASIO II-Supreme: USB Charging Perfect Business/Work/Travel Backpack

The CASIO II-Supreme - MR9191DY by Mark Ryden is a business laptop backpack with a built-in USB charging system. It offers 20-35L capacity, fits a 15.6” laptop and 9.7” iPad, perfect for...
MarkRyden MR9822 Product Description

Super: Business Trips Travel College Three-layer Main Pocket Backpack 40L

The Super - MR9822 by Mark Ryden is a versatile 30L large-capacity travel backpack. It features three main pockets and an exclusive digital compartment. Made from fully waterproof Oxford material, it fits...
MarkRyden MR9533 Product Description

Squero III: Multi-type Switch Daily Backpacks Capacity upgraded model

The Squero III - MR9533SJ by Mark Ryden is a multi-type switch daily backpack. It is designed in stylish Oxford water-repellent fabric, featuring internal pockets, a protective padded laptop sleeve, and...
TravelEssentials: Large Capacity Backpack for Your Daily Use

TravelEssentials: Large Capacity Backpack for Your Daily Use

The TravelEssentials - MR9142 is an expandable waterproof backpack. It can hold computers and tablets and has a large capacity of 26L. The main pocket can be opened and closed 180°. There...
MarkRyden MR9103SJ Product Description

Fady: Expandable Lightweight USB Charging Laptop Backpack with Anti-theft

The Fady - MR9103SJ Expandable Lightweigh Backpack is made of water-resistant Oxford cloth. It fits a 15.6-inch laptop, and has a 2nd Gen USB charging port, YKK zippers, honeycomb back...
MarkRyden MR5815 Products Introduction

Mocchasio: Ultimate Anti-Theft, USB Charging Backpack for Superior Security and Convenience

The Mocchasio - MR5815ZS by Mark Ryden is an innovative anti-theft backpack with a built-in USB charging port and hidden zipper. It features illuminating safety strips, is made from water-repellent...
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