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L - Light Line
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MarkRyden MR520 VIEW

ChillFlex: Your Everyday Go-To Sling Bag

The ChillFlex - MR520 by Mark Ryden is a casual crossbody leather bag. It has an oxford spun exterior and polyester lining. There is an exclusive key hook inside. There...
MarkRyden MR4666 Products Introduction

VersaTech Pro: The Ultimate Compact Travel Companion for Tech-Savvy Explorers

The VersaTech Pro - MR4666 by Mark Ryden is a lightweight travel backpack crafted from Oxford fabric with a honeycomb technology mechanical fabric on the back. The inverted trapezoidal design...
MarkRyden MR499 Products

Urban Defender: Light Series Travel Waterproof Leather Sling Bag

The Urban Defender MR499 by Mark Ryden is a waterproof messenger bag. It is made from PU and Oxford fabric, which provides a waterproof feature for easier travel. The main...
MarkRyden MR422 Products Introduction

Urbanite X: Travel Messenger Bag Navigate the City in Style

The Urbanite X - MR422 is a messenger bag. The material used is a combination of PU and Oxford fabric, known for their durability. A hidden pocket is specifically designed...
MarkRyden MR490 Product Description

EasePack Sling: Your Daily Leather Crossbody Bag for Travel and Everyday Comfort

The EasePack Sling - MR490 by Mark Ryden is a leather crossbody travel bag made of PU and Oxford fabric, offering water resistance, durability, and stain resistance. It features YKK...
MarkRyden MR403 Product Description

Oxford Voyager: Your Durable, Water-Resistant Companion for Every Day Life

The Oxford Voyager - MR403  is a water-resistant crossbody bag. Crafted from high-density Oxford spinning fabric, this bag is not only durable but also dirt-resistant. With its large capacity, it’s...
MarkRyden Product Description

MarkRyden Drifter: Ultra-Light Companion for the Urban Explorer

The MarkRyden Drifter - MR6024 is a lightweight and compact weigh-strong backpack that holds a 15-inch tablet. It has a waterproof bottom pocket, padded bottom interior panel, and anti-theft side...
MarkRyden MR468 Product Description

Streamline: Ultimate Water-Resistant Crossbody Bag For Modern Go-Getter

The Streamline - MR468 by Mark Ryden is a waterproof and Flip-Top Sling Bag. Featuring an organizer pack for your cell phone and headphones, splash-proof fabrics, an adjustable metal 6-buckle strap...
MarkRyden MR411 Products Introduction

Vivi: Your Ultimate Travel Companion From MarkRyden

The Vivi - MR411 is a travel crossbody bag.
MarkRyden MR271 Product Description

Voyageur: MarkRyden 2024 New Arrivals Crossbody Bag

The Voyageur - MR271 is a lightweight crossbody bag. It is made of waterproof fabric, so you can travel without worry. Hidden zippered pockets keep your personal belongings safe. Adjustable shoulder...
MarkRyden MR8028 VIEW

CityStride: Casual Yet Stylish MARK RYDEN Crossbody Bag

The CityStride - MR8028 by Mark Ryden is a compact, stylish crossbody bag measuring 20cm x 15cm x 6cm. It features water and dirt-resistant Oxford fabric, a durable YKK zipper,...
MarkRyden MR1016 Product Description

TravelProPack: Stylish and Durable Travel Backpack with Multiple Compartments

The TravelProPack - MR1016 is a stylish, durable travel backpack made from splash-proof, dirt-resistant Oxford cloth/PU material. It features a large main pocket for 11-inch iPads, a baseband for rain...
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