Messenger tasker

Altid ved din side. Messenger-tasken er et klassisk, ikonisk design, der er klar til at rulle, dag og nat.

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MarkRyden MR499 Products

Urban Defender: Light Series Travel Waterproof Leather Sling Bag

The Urban Defender MR499 by Mark Ryden is a waterproof messenger bag. It is made from PU and Oxford fabric, which provides a waterproof feature for easier travel. The main...
MarkRyden MR422 Products Introduction

Urbanite X: Travel Messenger Bag Navigate the City in Style

The Urbanite X - MR422 is a messenger bag. The material used is a combination of PU and Oxford fabric, known for their durability. A hidden pocket is specifically designed...
MarkRyden MR1016 Product Description

TravelProPack: Stylish and Durable Travel Backpack with Multiple Compartments

The TravelProPack - MR1016 is a stylish, durable travel backpack made from splash-proof, dirt-resistant Oxford cloth/PU material. It features a large main pocket for 11-inch iPads, a baseband for rain...
MarkRyden MR2339 VIEW

Diamond Facets: Large Capacity Waterproof Scratch-resistant Hard Case Crossbody Bag

The Diamond Facets - MR2339 by Mark Ryden is a compact, lightweight crossbody bag. It includes a front pocket with a 7.9-inch compartment, a back anti-theft pocket, two side entry...
MarkRyden MR3601 VIEW

Casual II: Leather Waterproof Scratch-Resistant Stylish Messenger Bags

Mark Ryden Casual-MR3601 features water-repellent, dirt-resistant, and scratch-resistant Oxford fabric. It has multiple pockets, including an iPad compartment, and a quick buckle design for easy access. The YKK zippers are...
MarkRyden MR2609 Product Description

PostmanPro: The All-Rounder Messenger Bag

The PostmanPro - MR2609 by Mark Ryden is a high-volume and functional messenger bag made of waterproof fabric. There are adjustable straps that can perfectly fit your body shape. The bottom...
MarkRyden MR6108 Products Introduction

Voyager: Leather Messenger Bag with Umbrella Pocket

The Voyager - MR6108 is a fashion waterproof crossbody bag. Feature Description Dimensions Adjustable: Width (25-30)cm, Height (17-20)cm, Depth (5-10)cm Weight 0.47 kg Shoulder Strap Length Adjustable: 60-100cm Fabric PU...
MarkRyden MR2293 Product Description

Pelmeen: Streamlined Design Style For Daily Traveling Chest Bag

The Pelmeen - MR2293 by Mark Rydena waterproof magnetic shoulder bag. Crafted from high-quality Oxford fabric, this bag is water-repellent, and dirt-resistant. It is equipped with a durable YKK brand zipper...
MarkRyden MR2819 Product Description

Mailman: Youthful Fashionable Snd Energetic Messenger Bags

The Mailman - MR2819 is an adjustable shoulder bag. It offers comfort and convenience with multiple compartments for easy organization. Its swing design ensures quick access, and it comes in...
MarkRyden MR8109 Product Description

Harvey: Leather Waterproof Multifunction Messenger Bag

The Harvey - MR8109 is a leather, waterproof multifunction messenger bag. It has the capacity to hold essential items such as a 9.7-inch iPad, a data camera, and a folding...
MarkRyden MR8408 Product Description

Fingon II: Leather Waterproof Large capacity City commuting Daily Messenger Bag

From €54,95
The Fingon II - MR8408 is a leather waterproof capacity crossbody bag, available in colors Elegant Black and Elite Black. It is ideal for city commuting and daily use and...
MarkRyden MR8368 Product Description

Fingon Ⅰ: Leather Large Capacity City Commuter Daily Messenger Bag

From €56,95
The Fingon Ⅰ- MR8368 by Mark Ryden is a leather large capacity city commuter daily crossbody bag. Made from PU and Oxford cloth, it's water-resistant and stain-proof. Equipped with YKK...
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