Choosing The Best Mark Ryden Anti Theft Backpack

Choosing The Best Mark Ryden Anti Theft Backpack

What’s the point in carrying a backpack but still being very conscious of movements around you and consequently staying acutely alert in order to protect the contents of the backpack? This can be very distracting indeed. Well, here @ Mark Ryden Global, we have just the solution for you, whether you are a trekker or a worker bee.

When buying a backpack, there are a number of things that you need to consider in order to make your travel & business experience more convenient and also to protect you and your belongings from accidents, pickpockets and thieves.

Mark Ryden Protector backpack

Features And Benefits Of A Good Anti-theft Backpack

There are many benefits of an anti-theft backpack and there are amenities which should be included in the make of such a backpack in order for those benefits to even become available. A knowledge of these benefits and amenities should guide buyers on what to look for when shopping for such a carrier.

Anti-theft Design And Accessibility

One of the greatest concerns of pleasure-seeking travelers and on-the-move business people is the security of their belongings. There is a rise in the number of pickpocket incidences and outright bump-and-swipe theft which travelers must guard against while on their journey either by foot or in some kind of transport vehicle. So, any anti-theft backpack you choose to buy must have secure anti-theft protection features in place.

At Mark Ryden Global, we have installed multiple protection features in our anti-theft backpacks to act as your own personal bodyguard. Two of such features are our backpack’s stealth zipper construction and our backpack’s slash proof material. These protection features are not easily penetrable, and you can enjoy your travel experience undistractedly.

We are well aware that anti-theft systems can give even the owner of the bag difficulty when trying to access the contents of the bag. So we have taken accessibility into consideration and have checked to see that these security features are not in the way when you want to reach your stuff. For instance the zipper may be hidden and can be locked, but the owner is still able to unlock the zipper head easily and open the bag when the need arises.

Roominess And Pocket Arrangements

When you first see an anti-theft backpack, it looks……well, like a backpack. It’s just the size of your back but with rigid edges. However, don’t be deceived into thinking that it cannot contain much because the best anti-theft backpacks are fitted with lots of pocket spaces in the interior walls of the bag.

The pockets come in different sizes and are arranged in such a way that they balance out weight within the bag when the pockets have been filled. The pockets are built such that any shock to the backpack is well absorbed and the items in the bag do not jostle about and tumble out at will during movement.



Comfort During Carriage

Another benefit of an anti-theft backpack as opposed to an ordinary backpack is the fact that it is most comfortable when carried on the back and does not place any strain on the shoulders or on the spine. The extra protection features and extra roominess do not render the backpack burdensome or weighty.

This is because the weight is evenly distributed within the backpack. Also,  a good anti-theft backpack, like the ones we offer at Mark Ryden Global, is built with additional padding at the shoulder straps as well as on the back. This way, the weight of the bag does not pull down on your shoulders, nor do the objects placed in the bag jab you in the back.



When you combine all the aforementioned features together, you have an anti-theft backpack that is built to last longer than the regular backpacks. Durability and longevity are a good payoff that make an investment in Mark Ryden's anti-theft backpacks a worthy one indeed.