Best Commuter Backpack by Mark Ryden

Best commuter backpack.

Smart backpacks are the trend setters for today’s generation of commuters. The designers at Mark Ryden Global have a high anti-theft bent in their creativity, and it shows in the Perfecto USB charging anti-theft backpack. We believe that there’s no need to sacrifice stylishness in favor of security technology features for this unique carry-on, whatever kind of trip you may be on.

Stylish and hip, but if you’re looking for something on the “girly” side, then this anti-theft backpack might not be for you because it’s sleek design is better suited for business purposes or even sports……the kind of backpack men like to carry.

The Perfecto's Key Anti-theft Features

Below are the key features that make the Perfecto anti-theft backpack a foolproof buy for your next trip:

  • Dual vertical stealth zipper system: The main zipper system is lockable, located in the back so that the backpack opens backwards…...but that’s the part that’s supposed to be resting against your back, right? Notice how difficult it will be for pickpockets to open the bag yet? To make it even more difficult, the zipper is perfectly hidden by lids that overlap it. All the zippers on the backpack are constructed this way.
  • Slash proof construction: To protect against attempts at slashing through the bag, the inner layer of the body of this anti-theft backpack is lined with layers of cut-proof protection boards and anti-shock foam.
  • Advanced Storage compartmentalization: A generous supply of compartments within the bag help you organize your valuable for easier access. There’s a dedicated laptop compartment that can carry a 15.6 inch laptop, a key chain holder, even a cell phone pocket. There are also many more pockets for assigning items of appropriate size. On the front side are two zippered stealth pockets, and on the sides are collapsible zippered stealth pockets for carrying your thermos or your umbrella.
  • Waterproof protection: There’s no need for a rain cover for this anti-theft backpack because it is built to be perfectly water resistant and repellent. It’s made of polyester, and even though it comes in contact with water or any liquid your valuables will still be dry and safe, and all you need to do is wide it off with a cloth.
  • Integrated smart USB charging port: Running out of juice? Carry with you a power bank and connect it on the inside of the bag. Whenever you need to charge your phone, just connect the phone via cable to the external USB port, and you can go on with your day uninterrupted.
  • Shock absorber functionality: Layers of anti-shock bubble foam all over the bag ensure that your belongings do not feel the impact of a crash or a knock or a drop. Your items are well padded because the foam ensures that they do not touch the floor or the sides of the bag. Straps that go over the interior pocket sleeves help keep your stuff from tumbling about inside the bag.

Well, what are you waiting for? Allow the Perfecto USB charging anti-theft backpack to help protect your belongings while you focus on getting things done.