The Best Mark Ryden Anti Theft Backpack "Mocchasio"

Mark Ryden Mocchasio Anti Theft Backpack (MR5815)

 What does true freedom look like to you? I bet hands-free is definitely the first thing that pops in your mind. Hands-free with a smile on your face and no worries on your mind, with none of your muscles twitching intuitively to do a Karate chop in defense of your most valuable possessions……that’s true freedom, and that’s what Mark Ryden’s Mocchasio anti-theft backpack is designed to bring to you.

I was skeptical about anti-theft backpacks at first. After that horrible experience on a business trip where my backpack was cut through by a pickpocket with poltergeist stealth and my valuables taken out by same without alerting me, I felt hopelessly that all backpacks must be at the mercy of these merciless thieves. But I was wrong!

After a long search on Google, I came across the Mocchasio anti-theft backpack. Impressed with the specs, I decided to try it out…..and voila! It has fulfilled my longing to feel secure about my valuables while on a trip. Read on to see why I never travel without one.

Closure Type

Of course, the first thing that pickpockets will go for is the zipper of your backpack. But how about making it impossible for them to even see the zipper area? Like wait, where is the zipper? That’s the genius idea that Mark Ryden has been able to come up with for the Mocchasio anti-theft backpack design.

Looking for the zipper? You’re going to have to flip the bag over because the zipper is at the back panel with a flap from the front panel stretching over the zipper and touching the back panel to keep the zipper hidden. Smart!

Interior Storage Design

The interior compartments of this anti-theft backpack are designed to contain specific items, and this provides an organized way to pack and carry your valuables.

There is a laptop compartment which is wide enough and long enough to carry a 15.6 inch laptop. There’s also another compartment just below the laptop compartment which is meant to carry your Tablet. Both compartments are cushioned and have straps to keep the devices from slipping out of place.

There are also other compartments to hold other little valuables like pens and keys and still keep them organized without getting flung about in the backpack during movement.

Storage Capacity

The Mocchasio anti-theft backpack has a back panel and a front den. The front portion was designed the way it is for a good reason, and that is to increase the general space available to the wearer. The front portion is a D-shaped alcove that is a whole lot roomier than the back panel but also has several compartments (just like the back panel) for storing your valuables so they don’t fall around easily. After filling the compartments in the front den, there’s still enough room to store the more irregularly shaped valuables like your camera and your umbrella.

Overall, the Mocchasio anti-theft backpack boasts a generous 20-35 liter storage capacity but remains amazingly lightweight at 2.2 pounds.

Safety Silver Reflective Strip

One more security feature in this bag that really impressed me is the inclusion of reflective bars located on each of the top corners and on the sides. The essence of these illuminating safety bars is to reflect light of up to 150 meters away and over. This feature makes it possible for you to travel at night & not have to worry about night security.

The only downside to this anti-theft backpack is that it makes it extremely difficult for pickpockets and thieves to get at personal belongings inside the bag. So if you’re a pickpocket who thrives on other people’s valuables, you might want to reconsider your career choice.