Turtle I USB Charging Anti Theft Backpack

Turtle 1 USB Charging Anti-Theft Backpack

When security is of utmost importance to your valuables whenever you go for a trip but thinking of anti-theft backpack that can fulfil this requirement then, Mark Ryden Global has helped clear your doubt by providing you with turtle 1 USB Charging Anti-theft Backpack.

The designers at Mark Ryden Global have unbeatable and matchless creative mind in coming up with a great design that does not only fulfil the security requirements but also incorporates fashion in the design of anti-theft backpacks “what more are you looking for? It offers both security and style”.

More to turtle 1 anti-theft backpack is the durability functionality making it stand the test of time. We believe in quality and that is why we never exchanged quality for quantity.

Turtle 1 USB Charging Anti-theft Backpack fulfilled all the functional requirements of an anti-theft backpack which also create a prestige look on your person because; the appearance of this anti-theft backpack sends valuable messages.

anti theft backpack

Exploring the Turtle 1 USB Charging Anti-theft Backpack Features

Underline below are the unique features that make Turtle 1 USB Charging Anti-theft Backpack a must have, to go along with wherever you are travelling to.

  • Outstanding Interior Design

The compartments inside this bag help to arrange your valuables in a meaningful and proper way without it being cluttered. Are you concerned about the look of the compartments?

The area A of this convenient backpack has complete storage to cater all your accessories from laptops, tablet, iPad, smart phones, notebooks, cards, passport, headphones, and so on.

The compartments are designed in such a way as to give comfort to your valuables. Oh! Is this all it can accommodate? No, the area B of this backpack makes it possible for you to put clothing and other daily necessities inside without having to feel insecure.

  • Integrated USB Charging Port

Is your phone out of power? You need not be worried there’s a hidden pocket on the side where a USB cable is located so you can store an external battery and keep it plugged inside of the bag and hidden away.

Logically, there is a USB port on the outside of the bag to plug in a phone charger cable. Plug in your portable charger inside the bag securely while enjoying your day.

anti theft backpack

  • Super Zipper Structure

The zip pullers for the main compartment slide on each other and interlock to make it hard for pickpockets to unzip the bag when the wearer is not paying attention.

Turtle 1 USB charging anti-theft backpack has a hidden zipper slide chest buckle which will directly lean on your back whenever you wear it.

Thus, it makes it more difficult for thieves to get access to the opening of your bag or getting away with your valuables.

  • Weight Balance

The turtle 1 USB charging anti-theft backpack is designed to relieve the weight pushing down on your shoulder when wearing the backpack because the weight is leaning close to your back as a result of the accurate shoulder strap. The weight of the backpack is distributed evenly.

Without a doubt, there are more to enjoy. Why keep it waiting? It is always ready to perform its functional requirement. Get it today and you will be convinced of the untold confidence this anti-theft backpack will give you.

anti theft backpack