Mark Ryden USB Backpack "Stripe"

Mark Ryden USB Backpack "Stripe"

One of the items that are most important for the success of your trip is a backpack & if you end up choosing the wrong backpack for your trip, it may be a painful one which should not be in the first place.

If you are thinking of a backpack that will make your trip and appearance the one that will get people’s responsiveness as to how quality, beautiful and smart it looks on you then, you are not making any mistake by choosing to go out with Mark Ryden USB Backpack “Stripe.” This backpack is portable, smart, light and, convenient. On the off chance that you are a type that travels frequently then, it is always good to go for something light and able to perform a different function that is, versatile.

Without even saying anything yet about its features, the name itself has spoken of it quality features. Having said this, without a second thought, I definitely know the kind of quality features you are looking to get from this backpack. At Mark Ryden, you will never see where it will speak quality while you see inferiority. Oh! You still don’t believe, right? Below are the key features to look at in this product.


Absolutely, straps help to fasten or secure in a specified place. Obviously, a bad strap wouldn’t give you the comfort you are looking to get in a backpack.  The straps on Mark Ryden USB Backpack “Stripe” is very firm and essential in spreading the weight over your body as against the weight being imposed on a particular part of your body thereby causing you discomfort. Also, the strap makes it comfortable enough on your shoulder.


A backpack having one compartment can be so annoying. Why? If there is only one compartment inside, you will find it difficult to access some of your items quickly and this can be frustrating because everything will be cluttered. This product has different compartments which you can slot in your valuables like laptop, iPad, headphones and sometimes you can put your document which keeps it smooth.


You need a backpack that will save your valuables from getting wet if caught by the rain. The material used for this backpack is a good quality which is thick yet lightweight material that keeps your belongings from getting wet if caught by the rain. It was designed in such a way to keep you relaxed not to worry about your goods in getting wet.  It also dries quickly.


It can be very frustrating when you have a backpack that can only open from the top which means you will have to pull almost everything out before you can access that particular thing. This backpack was constructed in U-zip so, you can be sure you will get easy access to your wallets, passport and any other items you might be in need of on time.

USB Charging Port

You can rarely see backpacks that have this feature. Mark Ryden Global is a company that incorporates science and technology as to change and improve travel experience hence, included this feature in this backpack. You can easily charge your phone by plugging in your cable into the USB port.

It is very clear already, why hesitate? Get yourself this backpack that will last for years and also hands-free, enabling you to be more productive while moving.