Mark Ryden Backpacks

Mark Ryden Backpacks

Our backpacks are definitely the future, we all have lots of different battery powered smart devices these days from smart phones, tablets, laptops & even vaping devices.

They all need charging and we’re all human so sometimes we forget and we all know what a pain that can be, right?

It's always the day that you need to make an urgent phone call or your waiting for a important email, you never know what opportunities you may miss or maybe you just can’t go a whole day without facebook!

A Mark Ryden backpack can solve that problem by keeping your device full of life and you able to get on with your day.

What are smart backpacks?

As technology moves forward we rely on our smart devices more and more in our daily life and as a result other every day things we use adapt to fit with the needs of today, for example most new cars have USB ports built in to the dash for phone charging or playing music stored on USB memory sticks .

Backpacks have developed to fit our technology rich life styles by introducing charging capability so whether it’s the daily commute, a day out and about or enjoying a festival you can be charging your devices on the go and making sure you stay connected.

What you need to know

There are a variety of different smart backpacks available, some have solar panels included so are able to charge small devices like phones without using a power bank which is fantastic as long as it a sunny day!

A headphone jack is another feature some backpacks have giving you the ability to listen to music on a phone inside the bag. 

Travel smart with Mark Ryden backpacks.