Best Mark Ryden Backpack With Extra Volume

Some professionals need a larger laptop. At the same time, many of us need extra space in our backpacks, whether it's an ordinary day at the office or a business trip. If you are always in the situation of packing things in your backpack or even leaving them at home, you need an upgrade.

And that upgrade has to be the Pathrato 17.3 backpack from Mark Ryden Global. As the name implies, it's a backpack that can easily accommodate a 17.3" laptop, but at the same time has extra compartments for a lot of things. Excursions, business trips and trips to the office will be much more comfortable and secure with this new product we offer you. We invite you to learn more about Pathrato 17.3" from the specifications described in the following paragraphs.

large capacity laptop backpack 17 inch

Three Large Compartments

The design of the Mark Ryden backpack Pathrato 17.3 presents three compartments organized according to the nature of the things you want to store in them. So, the first compartment, the one next to the back, is for electronics. It can accommodate your laptop, tablet, documents but also accessories such as a portable keyboard. The middle compartment is designed for clothes and toiletries, being arranged with mesh pockets that help both organize the content and maintain unpaved clothing. And the third compartment is one for the little things you need quickly during your trip. In addition, the backpack also has a small pocket on the front for small things like glasses, access cards or travel tickets.

The three main compartments have different opening modes. The one for the electronics opens totally on the side edges and the upper one like a briefcase, the compartment for the clothes opens like a suitcase, and the one for small things has an upper opening with quick access.

Mark Ryden Pathrato backpack in the rain

When you commute or are on the streets of a foreign city and it is rained by torrential rain, the greatest concern is the safety of electronics and the protection of moisture. Fortunately, the Pathrato 17.3 backpack is resistant to rain. Both the polyester material and the zipper closure will keep the water away from the contents of the backpack. This material is also stain resistant and dries quickly.

Fastening and comfort system

Because in the case of Pathrato 17.3 from Mark Ryder Global we are talking about a large volume backpack one that you can carry a lot of things, an important aspect is the belt system. Both the straps and the design of the area that comes in contact with the back are designed to divide the weight of the backpack all over the back and equally on the shoulders. The same weight carried in an ordinary backpack will seem much heavier compared to the situation when you carry it with the backpack Pathrato 1., 3.

Given that this backpack can become more difficult than the ordinary one, the protection against sweating must also be taken into account. Fortunately, the design of the surface that comes in contact with the back and the sponge from which it is made allows a good air circulation, protecting you from unwanted stains on clothes.

Other specifications of the backpack are the USB port that can charge your gadgets as you move, the side handle that turns this backpack into a tasteful briefcase, but also the corner and male design, which give it a serious and professional look.

Whether you choose it for trips, business trips or just for commuting to the office or courses, the Pathrato 17.3 backpack offered by Mark Ryden Global allows you to carry a large volume of things in a comfortable and safe way.