Back To School Backpacks

Back-to-school Backpacks

How summer flies! And it’s back to school again. But there’s shopping to do, and that’s what makes back to school very interesting. New outfits, new accessories to go with them…….and now comes the best part, the back-to-school backpack.

It’s not just business people and travelers that get to enjoy technologically advanced backpack designs. Even college students can go for the sophisticated sleek leather design that promises everything from convenience to durability to security. Mark Ryden Global offers all of these qualities in the Compacto back-to-school backpack, a bag that suits all your educational needs and still looks cool.

Back-to-school Backpack Buying Guide

Below are some key considerations to make and qualities to look for when buying a back-to-school backpack.


College students need to log around many educational tools each day in school. These include books, stationery, electronic gadgets, and even a water bottle. Without proper and adequate compartmentalization, a student may find it very difficult to organize all these things in one backpack, making the backpack uncomfortable to carry because it is unevenly balanced. There should be many pockets of varying sizes that can carry different contents without spilling them out when in in motion.

Safety And Security

Every item in the students’ backpack is important to them. And yes, even students can have their books and electronic gadgets stolen clean out of their backpacks! This is why a student back-to-school backpack should be constructed with slash proof material and hidden zippers which are difficult for pickpockets to dig into without alerting the carrier of the backpack.


With lots of heavy educational “artillery” being carried about by students on one school day, it is important that the back-to-school backpack should be wear proof, crush proof and sturdy. A good back-to-school backpack should have a high load carrying capacity with a protected bottom. It should also be water repellent, as students move around with their water bottles to keep hydrated. A backpack that needs replacement every semester is not a good backpack.

Mark Ryden Global’s Compacto Back-to-school Backpack


The Compacto is not only unique, it’s genius and smart. Let’s see how the Compacto meets the standard as the college student's best choice when it comes to a back-to-school backpack.

1.    Convenience Compartmentalization

  • The backpack is generously roomy and contains many pockets including padded interior slots, interlayers for laptops and Tablets, and slide-through straps. This gives it an ultra-large capacity.
  • It also comes with two extra purses that fit inside the backpack for carrying extra stuff.
  • A 17.3 inch laptop can fit perfectly inside the laptop sleeve.

2.    Security And Safety

  • It is made of Oxford material and has an inner lining of polyester material. In between is a protection board which renders the backpack slash proof.
  • There is also a heat insulating material in the inner layers of the backpack. This makes the backpack waterproof without causing sweat.

3.    Durability

  • The Mark Ryden backpack is reputed to have a premium feel and look with a sturdy and solid pattern design. This makes it wear resistant and keeps it from slouching out of shape.
  • The hard handle straps are not attached to the backpack. Rather they are a one-unit extension of the backpack.

4.    Smart USB Charging

  • In case your phone is running out of juice, you will find a USB charging port just within reach in the upper right side of the backpack.
  • Simply connect the power bank from within and charge your phone or laptop via USB cable from the smart port on the exterior of the backpack.